Photo reports of the jazz club

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Denise Thimes

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Frank Lacy


George Cables


Al Foster


Valery Syutkin with the program "Jazz transformation", January 15th 2010

photos: edelveis8

In 1990 Valery Syutkin came to "BRAVO" band, where he worked almost six years. In "Bravo" Syutkin has written down albums «Dandies from Moscow», «The Moscow bit», «Road to clouds».


Roy Young (blues, jazz, USA) December 11th and 12th

Photo: Gulnara Khamatova,

“Who would have thought that a Jamaican-born singer living in Tel Aviv would be responsible for saving soul music in the United States?”

Roy Young is one of the great vocal talents of our time. Roy's warm, fatherly voice comforts me in my confusion, shouts out my own fears, and shines light of hope with a beacon of falsetto that leads me trembling to the home of a friend. What follows is a personal journey, in the old style, song by song…Great things are not created overnight. Like the finest wine that has fermented for a very long time, such is music phenomenon, Roy Young. The timing of his arrival is divine, as we have lost so many great ones and are in need of a new musical champion. With his vintage soul stylings incomparable to any other, Roy Young brings comfort to the restless spirit that lies within us – and for those spirits who are dormant -- or just numb from life's challenges, Roy brings a resurrection that reminds you to jump back in and appreciate life.


Aziza Miller (jazz, USA), November 12th, 13th adn 14th

Photo: Lena Adasheva

 Aziza Miller is a composer, arranger, pianist, poet,vocalist and music educator. Aziza is a Yamaha endorsed keyboard artist. She is a long time associate and former musical director and pianist for Natalie Cole. Aziza's first platinum song is La Costa, recorded by both Natalie Cole and Ahmad Jamal.Aziza was Alicia Keys high school music teacher for 3 yrs.

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Ray Gaskins (sax, vocal, keys, jazz), November 26th and 27th


 photos: Lena Adasheva

Multi talented Ray Gaskins is a jazz singer, keyboarder and saxophonist - who has for many years performed worldwide with Roy Ayers, Jocelyn Brown and Phyliss Hyman. "He's back to lifting weights, working out, and writing the songs that one day will take him to the top." ~ Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide 

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Mulgrew Miller Trio (jazz, USA), November 5th, 6th and 7th

Photo: Pavel Korbut

“Mulgrew Miller has always been a hidden treasure.” C. Michael Bailey in All About Jazz.Mulgrew Miller is an in-demand pianist, having played on over 400 recordings as both a side man and a leader and performing with most of the jazz greats at one time or another. "True to his blues-tinged upbringing, he's a bop in-tellectual with an unabashed gift for populism. That explains both the thundering jabs in his sparkling runs and the sleekness in his writing and arranging" -Time Out NY.

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Bratislava Hot Serenaders (jazz, Slovakia) November 3th, 2009


Andrey Makarevich with "Jazz transformation" programm October 10th

photo: Alexander nikitin

As Andrey Makarevich, the leader of group the Time Machine, not the jazz vocalist, he uses chanson intonations, an emotional recitative, this manner of performance inserts wise pauses, as it is specially created for chamber looking jazz club. In repertoire of the concert program there will be "evergreen" jazz hits, and songs of Andrey's own composition.


Mandy Gaines (jazz, vocal, USA), September 24-26th

photo: Gulnara Khamatova

Veteran jazz singer, Mandy Gaines is a talented and versatile entertainer with more than fifteen years of professional experience. Most recently she has held residences in jazz clubs in Paris, Brussels, Helsinki, and Bangkok & performed at Festival International de Jazz in Senegal. Here’s your chance to catch Mandy if you have not experience her amazing vocals & showmanship.


Dee Cassella (jazz, vocal, USA), September 16th and 17th

photo: Gulnara Khamatova

A first class, authentic jazz singer Dee Cassella singer, singing lyrics with emotion and scaling effortlessly complicated melodies without hesitation on the high notes or the soft notes. Cassella delivers these dozen songs with such conviction and subtlety that after a few notes you're not even thinking so much about the singing part, you're too busy following the stories she tells.


Thomas Glovier with Phoenix Jazz Project and Curtis Johnson (jazz, USA), August 19th and 20th

photos: Gulnara Khamatova

Playing traditional jazz and other genres, the Phoenix Jazz Project is well known in the USA.
The Phoenix Jazz Project’s influences range from Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, and Keith Jarrett; to John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, and Earth, Wind and Fire (saxophonist Curtis Johnson); to Eric Dolphy and Charlie Parker: to Tierney Sutton, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dianne Reeves. Most of the basis for the sextet's music lies in traditional jazz. But the group prides itself in creating and performing good music regardless of genre. From the traditional styles of originals “Halfway Out” and “Billy or Bud” to the modernized arrangements of classics “If I Only Had a Brain” and “Softly As a Morning Sunrise,” The Phoenix Jazz Project provides a wide variety of entertaining music.


Randy Klein (jazz, USA)


Tecora Rogers (jazz, blues, USA), 8th and 9th July 2009

Photo report of Lena Adasheva,


Noviy Arsenal and Alexey Kozlov


Anna Levshina


Nicholas Bearde (USA) (jazz, vocal)

His live shows garner a wide audience who appreciate his musical vision and savor his exceptional skills. Free and confident on stage, possessing a soft, sensitive, yet strong voice."He's a breath of fresh air amidst a mass of polluted ozone-unfriendly pop," declared Blues and Soul magazine in the U.K.


Aziza Miller (USA) (jazz, vocal)

Photo: Gulnara Khamatova,

"Aziza has mined the depths of black music to come up with a sound that is sophisticated, melodic and funky as hell”…. Kenny Barron, jazz pianist and composer. Not surprising, there’s a richness and warmth to her vocals that is enveloping. Every song, whether it’s a vocal or instrumental, a jazz piece or sophisticated rap poetry, is articulated with impeccable style and ease.
Aziza, a composer, pianist, poet, vocalist, arranger and music educator is a YAMAHA endorsed Artist.

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