4 july Jazz Sisters (Russia)

Jazz Sisters (Russia)

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The Moscow female jazz quartet “JAZZ SISTERS” - the collective consisting of four girls. Along with the vigorous jazz concert program consisting of compositions, close to funk, jazz-rock, smooth-jazz, the band excellently performes, so-called, “salon jazz”, creating the comfortable and refined sound atmosphere. “JAZZ SISTERS” works only "alive". This jazz band is effective, elegant, stylish …

27 may at 20:30

Horonko Orchestra (Russia)

28 may at 20:30

Bjorn Vidar Solli (NOR)

29 may at 20:30

Tablao Flamenco (Spain, Russia)

30 may at 20:30

Grigory Zaytsev (Russia)

31 may at 20:30

2DREAMS (Russia)

1 june at 20:30

Vegas Project (USA)

2 june at 20:30

REAL JAM (Russia)

3 june at 20:30

Che Guevara Jazz (Russia, Cuba)