Frederic Belinsky (France)

Frederic Belinsky

Thursday, 26 may 2022, 20:30
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A descendent of the great literary critic Vissarion BELINSKY, grandson of the famous classical pianist Valia BELINSKY and the Gypsy violinist Stephan Brotescou, Frederic BELINSKY was born on August 25th, 1974.
He began to study guitar at the age of 9 in the Russian Conservatory of Paris, then that of Boulogne, and graduated with a silver prize in 1997 from the National Conservatory of Paris.
During his 15 years of classical guitar, he has not limited himself to this style of music, but also turns to jazz under the influence of the greatest jazz musicians including Django Reinhardt, Barney Kessel, Wes Montgomery, Tal Farlow.
Attracted by Russian folklore at the age of 16, the young musician made his beginning with well-known Gypsy musicians in the famous cabarets of Paris. Impressed by the virtuoso and feelings with which they played the violin and the balalaika, Frederic was inspired and stroked his guitar in an original interpretation using his new found energy.
His passion for jazz and Gypsy music has only strengthened his love for classical music. He performs J.S. Bach in a series of concerts in France, Finland and Germany.
Reputed as an outstanding virtuoso jazz guitarist in Paris, Frederic BELINSKY is a young prodigy of music, endowed not only with an amazing technique but also with marvelous musical expression. He plays for Mikael Gorbatchev, the King of Morocco Mohammed VI etc.
But his music preferences are not limited by the style of Django Reinhardt. Frederic, captivated by the musicality and infinite possibilities of improvisation, also interprets American standards, and his own variations of Russian Songs creating a new musical style – the Swing Slave.
Frederic BELINSKY never interprets the same piece the same way. He has the skill and the graceful talent to surprise us every time and everywhere he plays.

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