Anatomy Of Soul (rock, pop, acoustics, vocals) (Russia)

It is rather tough job to distinguish a music style of Anatomy of Soul! What is it? Art-rock, jazz-rock, blues, soul, pop-rock or is it something else?..Perhaps one of the few fair examples on Russian stage truly convincing all the skeptics that Russians also can perform and write in English, which Anatomy of Soul does for over 14 years. The story of the band begins back in 1994 in Novosibirsk, Siberia. The band performed in local clubs and released four albums (Kudrin&Sokoloff “Gmajor Incorrectly Brought Up” 1999, Anatomy of Soul “Ordinary Twilight” 2001, Kudrin&Sokoloff "Dear Nature Boy" (2002), Anatomy of Soul "Covered" (2002). Recently produced by Maxim Plyusnin in spring 2004 the band has settled in Moscow. Touring all over the country, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Iceland, working with movie stars, taking parts in movies ("Antisex" 2008) and TV series (“Agony of fear” 2007, “Women’s friendship” 2006), writing music to all kinds of filmmakers. On May 9th 2007 on International Film Festival La Città in Corto CORTOMED in Rome a short film MILK by Andrey Bogdanov has won the golden palm in Best Foreign Film nomination).In the spring of 2008 during their gig in St.Petersburg the band performed "Virtual insanity" with Jason Kay from Jamiroquai when he dropped by to see the show.
In the summer of 2008 completely changing the line up (Ilya Sokoloff, Sergey Androshin, Nikolay Baydin, Artem Fattahov) the band finds it's new sound taking it to the modern British rock mainstream and making it's way to Rock/Indie/Alternative genre. The premiere of anti-war hit single "Mr.President" was on Elle Style Awards Dior 2008 in Moscow on November 15th. In 2009 the band took part in MIDEM 2009 CD compilation of 17 russian unsigned artists. Anatomy of Soul is also a part of Emergeza Russia 2009 festival.

"What is truly amazing about Anatomy of Soul is the incredible Western rock and roll sound and clear concise English lyrics of this Russian-based band. Anatomy of Soul has had some personality changes in their history but the core has been playing live gigs for years perfecting their craft and formulating their own unique style. Their lyrics are witty and well constructed. Anatomy of Soul has strong rhythms, good guitar leads and steady percussion throughout. Anatomy of soul is a bright light on the horizon and an exciting example of the growing music scene in Russia." - (2002 CD Review by Laura Turner Lynch for
"...Anatomy of Soul.. look at this energy on stage!..." - (2008 Phoenix Radio Net)
"it's a newest high-quality popular music" -
"...a show that makes a heart shiver... " - Radius Goroda