Dennis Rowland (jazz, R&B, funk, pop music, vocal) (USA)

Energetic and extremely charming Afro-American singer Dennis Rowland, who was singing for years in legendary Count Basie Orchestra, will perform at Union of Composers Club on December, 17-18th!

Rowland has a voice made for jazz. His voice and his style have taken him all sorts of places, including the most exceptional place of all – the seven years he spent as a front man for Count Basie. Exceptional is what got him gigs at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center and the Sydney Opera House. Dennis Rowland had a chance to share the stage with Billy Eckstine, Ella Fitzgerald and «Little Miss Sassy», Sarah Vaughan.

Artist Dennis Rowland was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the R & B mecca of the United States. Dennis' signature sound was a serious subject for many comparisons - from Lou Rawls to Joe Williams. Rowland remembers hearing Joe Williams' "Every Day" with Count Basie on record regularly when he was five or six and it made a strong impression. Rowland was in Williams' spot during the last seven years (1977-84) of Basie's life, touring the world with the classic orchestra. After that period ended, Dennis began working as an actor on stage and film, settled in Phoenix, Arizona and began recording as a leader for Concord in 1995. As a creative person, building up his solo career, Dennis experiments with styles and mixes swing, blues standards repertoire, R&B and even pop and funk. His main strength, however, rests with his swinging style and appealing voice which is best displayed on his third Concord disc, a tribute to Miles Davis (Now Dig This).

"...Dennis Rowland brings with him the stage performers ability to convey intimacy in even the most immense of settings. He cannily pulls off an inspired homage to the ultimate larger than life jazz musician, Miles Davis.
Dennis Rowland was couple of times in Russia and is perfectly known to the Moscow audience. Variety of musical intonations of Dennis Rowland possessing a huge vocal range, lift public on feet … audience bursts with applause!!!