Alexey Kozlov and jazz-rock ensemble Arsenal (jazz, jazz-rock,funky fusion, sax) (Russia)

Alexey Kozlov is known to jazz fans not only in Russia, but also other countries of the world. The biography of Kozlova dazzles with imoressive events and achievements. It is clear that if a person was popularizing such doubtful music as jazz (from the point of view of party in power) in USSR since 1957, should be a real individuality and talanted musician. He is the participant and the winner of huge number of jazz festivals. Alexey Kozlov propagandises jazz not only as the performer but also as the leader a tele- and radio programs, regularly publishes materials in an author's column of "", striking everyone with irrepressible energy and cheerfulness.
More than 35 years have passed since Alexey Kozlov has created a jazz-rock ensemble "Arsenal". This collective almost at once won popularity among young people, however, it has undergone to an interdiction, due to rock opera performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Only in 1976 "Arsenal" was authorised to perform legal concerts in provincial towns of the USSR. The ensemble recorded the first album in 1977 in Riga. It was released only in 1980, before Olympic games in Moscow. "Arsenal" performance in the cultural program of "Olimpiad-80" strengthened the official status of the jazz-rock band. "Arsenal" has got the broadest popularity in the USSR, repeatedly traveled abroad, participated in a tele- and radio programs, recorded six evergreen vinyls, one of which - "Created with our own hands" has been released also in the USA by the company "East Wind Records".

Present  "Arsenal" is opened to the most different musical styles, adhering to the basic stylistic core - funky fusion. During the concerts of this surprising and truely tremendous jazz-rock collective the special, unique atmosphere always reigns.