Tecora Rogers Quartet (jazz, blues, soul, gospel) (USA)

It is warm, vibrant voice that declares Tecora Rogers’ allegiance to gospel music throughout her life, starting with the angelic choir of her church at the age of 6. Tecora’s many years within the church wedded her to gospel but she began to feel drawn to jazz. Tecora considers jazz as a part of American folk music, which roots steep deep in African culture. Combining the low guttural gospel chest notes with the high scat-like head notes of jazz gives Tecora a cross-the-board strength which makes room for her to explore all directions of the spectrum – extending melody lines and bringing multi-layers of aesthetic understanding to the pieces.

Years of performance in Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, France, Italy and Switzerland came to an end when Tecora realized it was time to return to her place of birth. End of 2003 she founded “Chicago Spirituals” and they performed with great success throughout all Europe. Tecora recorded 3 albums and the latest one, “Jazzy Lady” release, features greatest jazz standards and embodies the very essence of Tecora Rogers. Every song is delivered with a "gospel jazz style" that Tecora has become famous for. Her crystal clear vocal quality combined with incredible power to produce a style that is distinctly hers.

In addition to the number of albums Tecora has recorded, she also produces a weekly television show which airs every Monday since 1996. The show is designed to provide Chicago’s audience with entertaining, stimulating, and useful information regarding what is happening in and around Chicago “today”.

In 2008 Tecora was invited to teach gospel music at the Moscow College of Improvised Music she also performed amazing concerts at the “Union of Composers” jazz club. Ms. Rogers will pay tribute to the Masters of Jazz who have inspired us all. She will perform medleys of great jazz standards originally performed by Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Tecora’s very impressive concerts will intensify the enjoyment of the music, the food and the New Year ambience of “Union of Composers” jazz club provides.