27 may
Horonko Orchestra
world music, vocal
28 may
2 june
"Horonko Orchestra" - the unique group of professional jazz musicians leaded by the drama actor. "Orchestra"'s music is apolitical, polustylistic and is very figurative. According to musicians, the main goal of their creativity is to entertain, create the atmosphere, to give mood, to juggle with emotions and to please public.
We are inspired by the style of American female vocal trios of the 1940s and 50’s and their precision, easy melody, and beautiful presentation. Performing as a trio, we revive traditions of old jazz.
3 june
Che Guevara Jazz
jazz, Afrocuban - Latinamerican jazz
(Russia, Cuba, Latvia)
9 june
10 june
Konstantin Nikolsky
rock, guitar, vocal
The band performs traditional jazz standarts in Latin and Afro-Cuban arrangements.
This is a mini festival devoted to creativity of the legendary Liverpool musicians. In the program famous Moscow bluesmen perform the most popular hits of 70ies, immortal pieces of The Beatles. When musicians of such level gather on one scene of a jazz club Soyuz Kompozitorov – this event cannot be passed!!! The leader of Blues Cousins band, Levan Lomidze is not just simply outstanding guitarist and bluesman, he is also and extraordinary showman.
Konstantin Nikolsky – a unique figure in the Russian rock scene, the author of variety of the brightest and immortal hits – «the Night bird», "Musician", «My friend the artist and the poet».
15 june
Wayland Rodd
jazz, vocal
16 june
Daniil Kramer
jazz, grand piano
His powerful bass voie with beautiful overtones is ready to please any audience. The humming energy flowing from scene and bright personality don't leave in the club space anybody indifferent.
Internationally renowned Ukrainian pianist and jazzman Daniil Kramer, known for his on-the-spot improvisations, is a unique musician.
As Andrey Makarevich, the leader of group the Time Machine, not the jazz vocalist, he uses chanson intonations, an emotional recitative, this manner of performance inserts wise pauses, as it is specially created for chamber looking jazz club. In repertoire of the concert program there will be "evergreen" jazz hits, and songs of Andrey's own composition.
27 may SAT
27 may SAT
"Horonko Orchestra" - the unique group of professional jazz musicians leaded by the drama actor. "Orchestra"'s music is apolitical, polustylistic and is very figurative. According to...
29 may MON
Jazz club Soyuz Kompozitorov invites you to the opening of a new flamenco porject -Tablao Flamenco. Tablao is a club variant of representation of a flamenco in all its three forms: cante...

Jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov"  - Moscow's Jazz Mecca!

Jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov" is widely known among musical circles in Moscow. Jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov" does not have competitors these days, every evening it has live music concerts of different styles - jazz standards, contemporary jazz, fusion, jazz rock, latina, blues, funk, ethno music, tango. In 2007 the club "Union of Composers" has established the highest level of musical life quality, creating and strengthening its own traditions just within 2 years. In particular, tradition to surprise the Moscow public with concerts of jazz stars which never visited Russia before the opening of the club. Recognized and respected all over the world outstanding musicians such as - saxophonist Joshua Redman, the contrabass player Buster Williams, drummer Al Foster, saxophonist Scott Hamilton, a bass guitarist Victor Bailey, drummer Lenny White, trombone player Roswell Rudd - performed at “Union of Composers”. For example, the V Jazz Festival (spring 2008) gave a unique chance to see and hear the legendary vocalist, a star of the American jazz and a blues – Diane Schuur and amazing quartet of saxophonist Ernie Watts. Jazz fans can listen also the Russian artists: Igor Butman, George Garanyan, A`cappella ExpreSSS, Sergey Manukyan etc.

Sometimes in the evenings the jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov" transforms into a latino music dancing club and it turns to be a great venue for dance festivals and parties with sizzling tunes of meregue, salsa and rhumba performed by Viva Cuba. The Spanish dance (flamenco, tango) concerts also take place at the club. Chamber theatre stages plays on scene of jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov" on Mondays. On Tuesdays well-known saxophonist Oleg Kireyev performs, and afterwards he invites talented and young musicians to improvise during Jam Sessions. Traditionally, Alexey Kozlov (sax) and his band "Arsenal" (jazz rock, fusion) are performing on Saturdays.Blues music is presented at the jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov" by concerts and festivals where favourite musicians participate: Levan Lomidze, Peter Podgorodetsky, Vadim Ivaschenko, Michael Sokolov of "Petrovich", Alexey Agranovski, etc.

Among visitors of club: fans of jazz music, intellectuals and creative intelligency, and also businessmen, politicians, diplomats, the expats which are not ignorant to the world of art.

Charismatic jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov" possesses atmosphere of coziness, emphasized by stylish and elegant red and black interior design, gives you a feeling of classic New York jazz spot and also can offer really fine cuisine. Exclusive execution gives the menu absolutely new, unexpected, sweet sounding. Culinary "libretto" will tell the curious facts about each dish. Restaurant’s dishes were created together with experts for balanced diet. Without a doubt cuisine experts will appreciate ripe, fresh salads and juices, delicious desserts and excellent French and Spanish wines.
Every single guest will find a shelter from fickle Moscow weather at the jazz club “Soyuz Kompozitorov"  and will be taken away by jazz music on tremendous trips of exuberant imagination!