Jazz Club address

How to reach the jazz club afoot

Have a 3 minutes walk from the Okhotny Ryad metro station in the direction of the Central Post Office. Turn to the left from Tverskaya and walk along the Gazetniy lane. In 40 meters turn to the left again, on the corner of a house with a neon treble clef on it. 10 meters past, to the left again. On the right side there's gonna be a yellow wall with several mirrorlike windows. That's the destination point. Welcome!

From the Pushkinskaya or Tverskaya subway stations walk 5 minutes towards the Kremlin, turn on the right to Bryusov Lane. In 40 meters turn on the left, where the corner of a building with a neon treble clef on it. Pass 10 more meters and again turn on the left in an arch. You are in the club!

How to drive to the jazz club
Moving along the Mokhovaya street turn to the Bolshaya Nikitskaya. In approximately 500 meters there's going to be a turn to the Bryusov lane. Have a 300 meters drive along it, the jazz club is located on the right side.


Turn from the Tverskaya street  to the Gazetny lane, in 500 meters there's a turn to Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. In 60 meters turn to the Bryusov lane and drive 300 meters straight ahead to the jazz club which is on the right side.

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