About Jazz Club

Creators of the "Union of Composers Club" have managed a virtually impossible task - to combine a restaurant of exclusive cuisine and an excellent live music spot with no harm to each other. The music here is not to be “danced”, but to listen to. Everything is serious: the poster, the schedule, the entrance tickets. The music is Jazz, the performers are stars, speaking of both local and international artists.

In the daytime "Union of Composers Club" is a cozy restaurant of 100 seats, with light, mostly jazz, background music. A company of 10-15 people can enjoy their privacy comfortably settled in a separate room with a plasma TV and leather couches. One of the walls of the club is given up in the professional hands of an art-manager for exhibition purposes. The exhibition is to be regularly renewed, with a possibility to purchase the art works.

Gourmet cooking connoisseurs will appreciate the club’s excellent cuisine, presented by Chef de Cuisine, a professional who combines his distinguished culinary mastery with extensions creativity. The club’s European cuisine with some strong French and Italian accents is more of an exquisite kind, but the prices are surprisingly reasonable. The menue’s selection ranges also from relatively expensive dishes to some quite moderate ones.

In the evening the club undergoes a wonderful transformation. Jazz and blues fans arrive, together with improvisation and funk - music lovers. Lights go down, and the stage captures everybody’s attention. Every night we have a jazz star performing. On Mondays the club presents theatrical performances, on Tuesdays there are Jazz standards, on Fridays and Sundays jazz, world, funk and other.

The club accepts the following credit cards: