Moscow Ragtime Band  (Russia )

Moscow Ragtime Band

Thursday, 1 june 2023, 20:30
FROM 900

For the lovers of live, unplugged, instrumental music, these seven Moscovites will definitely make you feel their love for jazz. "Moscow Ragtime Band" has been professionally performing newly self-arranged ragtime, stomp, and New Orleans-style dixieland music originating from American songwriters of the ‘20s and ‘30s, for years. They're entertaining, full of energy, and spectacular. The band has performed at many festivals in Moscow, as well as internationally. The band hopes to perform at Carnegie Hall, visit the birthplace of jazz, play at the best jazz festivals, buy new outfits, and to feel good and not be ‘blue.' They like to see everyone from "pioneers to pensioners, from the unborn to the almost dead" coming to their concerts.