Kvartal (Russia)


Thursday, 11 july 2024, 20:30
FROM 1000

Internationally renowned Ukrainian pianist and jazzman Daniil Kramer, known for his on-the-spot improvisations, is a unique musician. Kramer, 41, who will perform April 7 at 7 p.m. at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts as part of the Jazz Wednesdays series of concerts, does not follow the usual path of simple improvisation based on classical themes. Instead, he strives to invent a unique language for each piece, harmoniously blending jazz and classical elements. Kramer's style embraces practically all varieties of jazz – from the classical and traditional to the avant-garde. In his solo concerts, he always offers a variety of styles, both traditional and modern. Born in the town of Kharkov, Kramer had already won several music contests by the age of 15. After finishing school in 1978, he enrolled in Moscow's Russian Academy of Music and, during his second year there, he applied to participate in the Tchaikovsky International Contest. At the same time he became captivated with jazz after hearing performances by Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, a fascination that would change his life immensely. Upon hearing a concert by Leonid Chizhik, later his mentor, he was won over to improvisation. In 1982, he won first prize at a contest of jazz-piano improvisers in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 1984, Kramer has taken part in a great number of international jazz festivals across the world, and become an Honorary Member of the Sydney Professional Jazz Club and a member of the Swedish Happaranda jazz club. Besides performing, Daniil Kramer has distinguished himself as a composer and teacher. In 1994, he established the Moscow Conservatory's first class of jazz improvisation.

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