Eteri Beriashvili (jazz, French shanson, vocal) (Russia)

Parents of Eteri Beriashvili dreamt to see their daughter to become a doctor, but she has chosen other occupation, related to "doctoring of corporal illnesses", - "the healer of souls" by means of singing. Eteri has secretly passed exams in the State School of Jazz Art in Moscow.

Eteri is perfectly known to the Russian audience first of all by work in remarkable vocal ensemble A'Cappella ExpreSSS which (without exaggeration) someone could consider one of the most considerable phenomena in a modern vocal jazz. But to find Eteri's own creative individuality only French music could help completely.
Eteri is an the expert in Exotic, her vocal arrangements - as fragrant coffee and refined wine with a Brazilian and Georgian hint. Eteri Beriashvili is an Emotional Storm, and the reason for that is a hot Georgian blood. Her image is collective: talent plus beauty and force; imagine Edit Piaf, Cleopatra and the Tsarina Tamara in one person.