Jazz Dance Orchestra (jazz, swing, boogie-woogie, funk) (Russia)

JAZZ DANCE ORCHESTRA (JDO) – the magnificent jazz-band, its name speaks for itself, during performance of Jazz Dance Orchestra there is no empty space on a dance area! JDO unites fans of a swing, boogi-woogi, a jive and funk in an enchanting interactive dancing show!!!

In musical collection of JDO there are best compositions of American big-band years of 30-40ies – hits of Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and own author's compositions. Musicians have added jazz into music «from a grandmother's chest» - evergreen retro music, songs of «Arabesque», «Modern Talking», «Ace of Base». The band is involved in a few musical projects created together with Igor Butman, Larissa Dolina, and other stars of the Russian scene.

Jazz Dance Orchestra is a head-liner of numerous festivals «Usad'ba Jazz», «Jazz in a garden Hermitage», "Vdoh". Trumpets and saxophones of JDO are audible on the best club and concert platforms of Russia. The best show is a hot jazz, drive, dances and Jazz Dance Orchestrа!