Peter Podgorodetsky (blues, piano, vocal) (Russia)

Peter Podgorodetsky is just over fifty, and he was involved in the most different creative spheres already. Certainly, he is famous as the magnificent musician, almost 30 years appearing on stage, and more than 15 of them - in legendary rock collective "Time machine". As it is known, the best years of group are connected with his name. It will be enough to mention that the most known and popular song of "Time Machine" - "Povorot" - has been composed by Podgorodetsky, couple of years before his occurrence in collective. Along with this hit he wrote such an evergreen blues and rock songs as "Skachki", «Etot vechniy blues», «Kogda ya byl bol'shim» and many other hits. When Podgorodetsky has the piano near, it seems that there are really no secrets in music for him, and he plays with habitual shine and polish both a classical blues, and rock'n'roll, and slow ballads.